selenium black garlic

Selenium is an essential trace element of the human body, responsible for nutrition and repair myocardial rid of free radicals, anti-aging, regulate the function of the human microcirculation.Human selenium deficiency will result in the skills vital organs disorders, leading to many serious diseases, the most typical of Keshan disease and Kashin-Beck disease; scientists selenium praise for the “life fire,” “the heart of the patron saint of” the liver protection factor “king of cancer, beauty angel “and” human health in the 21st century, the protection of God. ”

Selenium garlic is plant in China,

Selenium rich garlic also called high selenium garlic,

in China, Purple garlic contain high selenium, using advanced technology from Japan, do not add any additives, fermentation at high temperatures, the large stimulus allicin into 18 kinds of beneficial to humans amino acids, carbohydrates, cooked into garlic becomes taste sweet and sour black garlic, do not have that kind ofunpleasant taste of garlic. Ripening of selenium-enriched black is the new generation of magical natural green organic food.

thats  high selenium black garlic, also called se-rich black garlic,


here is the news from government, you can check it here:

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