How to Make

How to Make Black Garlic

Make black garlic step by step ,factory product,

1,Chose Fresh Garlic

in order to produce high quality black garlic, material is very important,there are white garlic,

red garlic and other color, all  those can make to black garlic, when chose garlic,

better chose the big and round ones, no broken,

As black garlic require good quality fresh garlic not only just looking, but also inside,


After chose fresh garlic, in order to make garlic not rotting and germination,

have to store them as soon as possible, suitable temperature is 0 ℃ to -1 ℃, Humidity: 70%,

3,Wash and clean

Use fresh water clean fresh garlic, and then use make make them

dry without water on surface, and put them in a cool and dry environment

for 4-6hours, then waiting for ferment,

4, Fermenting:

Put fresh garlic in ferment box,

black garlic machine

black garlic ferment box

Ferment fresh garlic step by step

Step 1, make ferment box temperature 20-50 ℃,humidity 60-80%, manager fermentation around 8-10hours,

black garlic ferment

black garlic ferment

Step2, ferment box temperature 50-70 ℃,humidity 65-90%, around 20-30hours,

the fresh garlic ferment slowly to black garlic,

Step 3, make temperature 75-80 ℃, humidity 75-95%, after 200hours,

black garlic will be ready, there will be no spicy and odor,

black garlic ferment box

black garlic ferment box

Step 4, make black garlic dry at 80-90 ℃,then ready to package,


black garlic

black garlicblack garlic

how to make black garlic at home: 

Step 1: Prepare a rice cooker, and put garlic in it,
Step 2: Start heating baking, until the water boils after transferred to the insulating state,15-20 days out,

black garlic

black garlic

Step 3: natural fermentation mature, can be placed on the air-dried at room temperature for a few days, the best paper bag, sweet and sour taste to taste
Step 4: you’re done, if you need to save, the best peeling, stored in the refrigerator

black garlic

black garlic

Remarks: The second step to start may distribute the smell of garlic, the best on the balcony or outdoor, the garlic will gradually disappear after a week,

In order to make black garlic safely, we are here have professional aged fermented black garlic machine can buy,

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2 thoughts on “How to Make

  1. Hi… I just have one question….
    in “Step 4: make black garlic dry at 80-90 ℃,then ready to package”
    you don´t mention how many Hours…

    Can you tell me how much time the Black Garlic need to dry ???


    • the time depend on the process way, we offer 12 process way,

      ferment time in common is 25-30days,

      time mention patent, we can not release to the public,

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